Our Distinctive Services

United Front, LLC is an Equity-centered Professional Development and Educational
Consulting firm with over a decade of combined experience in anti-bias teaching,
developing racially inclusive curriculum, hosting in-person or virtual training for educators and advocating for the educational liberation of students of color. We are committed to guiding administrators and assisting superintendents with the recruitment and hiring of verifiable talented educators of color to lead their school communities and districts.

Our Consultations and Professional Development are customized to meet the unique needs and measurable goals of the communities we serve, with proactive tailormade action plans and cycles of inquiry. We have a proven track-record educating and advocating for Black and Brown students nationwide, who excelled academically and socially.

Collaborative Development services are customized to each school site to
enhance collegiality and collaboration among all stakeholders including families,
faculty, staff and administrators for the ultimate purpose of providing an equitable
educational experience for all students.


Leadership Development services are provided to assist School Board Members, Superintendents and Administrators who strive to become high-performing social justice partners for their Setting and Context.

Transformative Coaching services are provided to educators of all levels seeking
support with individual enhancement in equitable practices (e.g., constructing
and conducting courageous conversations, culturally responsive teaching
methods, centering student voice, coalition building across disciplines, etc.).